Joy-Anna Duggar May Be Exploring a Career in Politics


Who knew courting wasn't a full-time job? It looks like Joy-Anna Duggar is getting involved with politics, in addition to courting her beau Austin Forsyth. The 19-year-old is interning in the Arkansas State Capitol, along with her younger brother Jedidiah.


The announcement about the siblings was made on the Duggar Family Fan Blog, in a post titled, "Joy and Jed Interning in Little Rock." The author pointed out that the Duggars "have deep roots in politics," and mentioned that Jim Bob Duggar served two terms in the state House of Representatives.

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They also brought up "various other family members" who have worked in the political arena over the years, in a thinly veiled reference to Josh, who worked as a lobbyist for the Family Research Center. The organization campaigned for traditional family values, which is why Josh was pretty much fired after his multiple sex scandals in 2015.

We're not sure what exactly Joy is doing to help her government as an intern, but can we say we're impressed that she's out of the house and doing something aside from taking care of her younger siblings? The older Duggar daughters have a reputation of staying home and waiting for suitors to appear, so it's cool that Joy seems to be out there doing something other than chores.

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It's unclear if she's thinking about entering a career in politics or just killing time until Austin decides to propose (with Jim Bob's permission, of course), but we're hoping it's the former. It would be very cool to see a female in the Duggar family with a real career, showing the world that it's totally possible to be a family-oriented Christian wife who also works outside the home.

Novel concept, for sure.

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