Blac Chyna Spotted With a Mystery Man -- Close Your Eyes, Rob!

blac chyna
Jackson Lee/Splash News

Rob Kardashian, close your eyes. According to sources, Blac Chyna was spotted with a new man recently -- and the two definitely "looked like a couple." Sources told Us Weekly that Chyna was seen sitting next to a man at a Super Bowl party this past Sunday at Estrella's MA Theater in Los Angeles. Evidently, the pair looked cozy and very much like a couple, but the mom of two was overheard telling people that, even though she and Rob don't currently live in the same place, they're still a couple. Okaaay.


It's no secret that Chyna and Rob have had a rocky relationship, to say the least. A little over a month ago, the pair had an explosive fight (on social media, of course), followed by a subsequent breakup. A few days (hours?) later, they were back together as if nothing happened. But! Over the last week or so, Chyna has seemed to drop a few hints that she's none too pleased with her baby daddy right now. 

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Recently, Chyna posted a "family portrait" to Instagram, which featured only herself and her two children, King Cairo and Dream Renee. (Um, where was Rob?) And then earlier on this week, she posted a cryptic message to Snapchat, saying, "It's funny when people say they wanna be great but sleep until 3 p.m. etc." Hmmm ...

By all accounts, things don't seem to be good with Rob and Chyna's relationship right now. Sure, she may have told people she was "still with him," but cuddling up to another dude? Unless it was a relative or close friend, probably not a good sign. 

Hopefully, things are on the up and up with Rob and Chyna, but it's likely that in a few days Rob will go on an Instgram tear about his baby mama. 

And then of course a few weeks later, they'll be one big happy family. Insert disapproving emoji. 

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