Blac Chyna's Subtle Dig on Snapchat Has to Be About Rob Kardashian

blac chyna
Jawad Elatab/Splash News

Fighting words! Despite the fact that all has been quiet on the Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna front lately, the two have seemed to hit a(nother) rough patch recently. On Sunday, Chyna posted a cryptic Snapchat message, and, for various reasons, everyone thinks the not-so-subtle dig is about Rob. Here we go again!


Chyna posted a photo of a black screen late at night Sunday, along with the caption, "It’s funny when people say they wanna be great but sleep until 3pm etc." Chyna punctuated the snarky comment with the laughing emoji.

Of course, this wouldn't be the first time Chyna has called her baby daddy lazy and unmotivated. When texts of hers were released a few months ago, she was caught viciously talking crap about Rob to her friend. The texts, obviously, resulted in an all-out online brawl between the two and a subsequent breakup. But alas, the pair managed to patch things up (as always) and become a big, happy family again. (Insert eye roll emoji.)

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While Chyna's snap may seem a little out of left field, let's not forget the model did post a "family photo" recently, which featured just her and her two children, King Cairo and Dream. Looks like another breakup may be around the corner for these two. 

Chyna certainly proved to be a good motivation for Rob to get his life back on track in the beginning, but obviously that was temporary. It seems all they do now is argue, fight, talk crap about each other online, and break up. They're definitely not good for one another. 

Perhaps the next time they break up, it should be for good. Because, as the rest of the world seems to know, if they haven't figured it out already, it's doubtful they ever will. 

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