The Most Controversial Comments That Landed the Duggars in Hot Water

Tanvier Peart | Feb 3, 2017 Celebrities

The Duggar family
The Duggar family have been known to speak their minds and not shy away from cameras, reality shows, TV specials, or anything else that comes with territory of living their lives unashamed and in plain view. So, naturally, it shouldn't be all that much of a shock when members of this now-famous clan give comments based on their convictions and opinions.

While there's certainly nothing wrong with speaking your truth, the Internet always has a way of giving a piece of its mind and tossing things into the court of public opinion.

(And my, how the Internet loves to do just that.)

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Here's a look at some of the most controversial comments the Duggar family have made to date. From taking a pro-life stance to possibly taking a dig at the transgender community, there's enough in here to leave peeps in disbelief or wonder what the heck is the big deal -- depending on how they feel about what was said.

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After all, it wouldn't be controversial if it didn't make people's heads turn.