Saint West Has the Same 'Cry Face' as Kim Kardashian -- Check It Out

kim kardashian
Janet Mayer/Splash News

Like mother, like son. Apparently, Kim Kardashian isn't the only one with a famous cry face. Kim's son, Saint, makes the same face as his mom when he cries -- and there's a photo to prove it! But the real question is: Will there be a Kimoji of Saint's cry face soon?


After a fan asked Kim if Saint was a "crybaby" on Twitter, the mom of two immediately responded. "Nope! He's so good but omg he has my same cry face... poor guy!"

Saint definitely looks cute crying, but Kim's right! Throw a little running mascara on him and it's totally Kim's cry face. 

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Definitely twins. Thought let's hope Kim wouldn't cry that hard because of Santa's lap. 

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You've got to love the fact that Kim is in on the joke of her "ugly cry face." She's even made it a Kimoji! Kim, of course, could never look ugly, but the face she makes when crying certainly is unique. Glad she's able to laugh at all the GIFs and memes it's become. 

While Saint tends to look more like Kanye, some of his expressions are all Kim. Of course, that said, we've still yet to see Kanye's cry face. 


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