Meghan Markle's Costar Has a Warning for Prince Harry

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We're feeling the protective vibe! Meghan Markle's costar Patrick J. Adams said he wants to vet Prince Harry, and it's clear from his comments that the Suits actress has no shortage of people looking out for her.


Adams, who plays Meghan's love interest on the USA drama, described their relationship as "like brothers and sisters," and made it clear that he looks out for her. He did an interview with Access Hollywood Live this week, and admitted, "I'm just super happy for her that she found someone that she seems to really be into. We don't talk about it a lot -- obviously, there's so much secrecy involved in something like that. So I just sort of stay out of it, and I feel like a big brother."

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He also said that he's looking forward to hopefully meeting the royal sometime, and giving him the official once-over. He explained, "I would love to do that thing that a big brother gets to do where you get to actually meet the guy, vet him a little bit. I think we should go through that process."

Adams recently found love himself, and tied the knot just this past December. He married Pretty Little Liars actress Troian Bellisario, and while Markle was definitely invited to the wedding, she opted not to attend, because she didn't want to steal the spotlight. 

That seems to be the kind of super thoughtful relationship these two have, so we wouldn't be surprised if Adams eventually gets a meet and greet with Prince William's little brother.

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For now, we're assuming that Meghan is still making her own royal introductions. We know that she's met Kate Middleton already, but we know nothing is serious until she meets Queen Elizabeth. If Harry is already thinking engagement, he's going to have to get his grandmother's approval first -- all marriages in the royal family must be signed off by her majesty.

It's a different world than what Meghan may be used to, and it's good to know that she has her own people looking out for her too.

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