Jill Duggar May Be Even More Sick Than Her Ailing Husband


We've been concerned with Derick Dillard's health for a while now, but should we have been more concerned with Jill (Duggar) Dillard's health instead? On this week's episode of Counting On, the 25-year-old got a scary diagnosis that left fans worried for her.


Jill took a trip to the doc, who gave her some concerning medical news. During the routine checkup, Jill learned that her arteries have narrowed. There wasn't any further explanation, and we can only imagine how scary it was for Jill to get the news.

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Especially since she's currently pregnant with baby number two, due in July. There was no word on whether the condition was pregnancy-related or not, but health isn't something you want to mess around with when you're expecting.

It could also be from Jill and Derick's extended time in El Salvador, where they served as missionaries for about a year. Jill has said before that the conditions in the developing country have affected their health, but that she was pretty sure they hadn't had anything serious, like the Zika virus.

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Fans have been worried about Derick's health since the couple started posting pics of him looking rather gaunt in Central America. According to previews for the show, he has developed some sort of "gaggy" thing that keeps him from being able to exercise, but we haven't gotten an official diagnosis on that either.

It's hard to believe that Jill and Derick's health scares aren't stemming from their time in El Salvador. We just hope that they get everything figured out before they head back. We know they want to help the community as missionaries, but they'll be no good to anyone if they're ailing.

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