Amy Duggar & Dillon King's Marriage Problems Just Went From Bad to Worse


Uh-oh. These two might be having some serious marital issues. In a sneak peek for Marriage Boot Camp, Amy Duggar and Dillon King confront each other over the problems in their marriage, and end up smashing dishes.


To be fair, the plate-smashing was part of the televised exercise, but still. it didn't look good. They got very accusatory with each other, and the other couples even commented on the derogatory tone that Dillon tends to use with his wife.

In a clip obtained by Radar Online, Amy and Dillon looked to be assigning each other blame for the issues in their relationship. They took turns holding plates that said things like "communication" and "responsibility," before taking ownership of the issue and smashing the dish on the ground.

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Meanwhile, they went back and forth verbally and accused each other of being being irresponsible jerks. "If there is responsibilities to do, you tend not to do them," Amy's hubby insisted. "You wanted to have your online banking set up. You went shopping instead of going and getting the things done!"

Amy rolled her eyes, and another cast member, Renee Graziano, added her two cents in a confessional. "Just because she missed the bank one day is not that big of a friggin' deal," she said.

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They also fought over their cat, with Amy insisting that she does take responsibility, because you know, the cat is still alive. "Who do you think takes care of the cat?" she asked. "I'm sorry but it's true! I'm not some loser who just sits and waits for you to come home!"

"The cat has food," was her hubby's succinct response. "It's an automatic feeder."

Wow. We had no idea a fight could get so heated over who feeds the cat or sets up the online banking. Here's to hoping these two can figure things out and stop beingcondescending to each other.

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