Chrissy Teigen's Boy 'On Ice' Comment Reignites Gender Selection Hate Debate

Model Chrissy Teigen arrives at the 28th Annual Producers Guild Awards
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Chrissy Teigen has never been one to shy away from controversy or speaking her mind -- causing all sorts of outrage on social media. And in what some would consider classic "Chrissy fashion," the 31-year-old wife and mama has turned heads by making a simple statement about her family. Some people are upset that Chrissy Teigen might choose the sex of her next baby instead of letting nature take its course.


During a red carpet interview at the 2017 SAG Awards, Chrissy revealed that she and her hubby John Legend are thinking about giving their almost 1-year-old daughter Luna a sibling in the future -- preferably, a little brother.

"A little boy is next, for sure," Chrissy tells Entertainment Tonight. "I mean, I don't know. We have one on ice."

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While Chrissy's comments about expanding her family -- and the thought of Chriss and John having another adorable little one with cheeks you want to kiss on for days -- sounds nice, Mom's comments didn't sit well with everyone, as Chrissy caught fire for choosing a girl embryo in the past during her IVF process to get pregnant with Luna.  

Needless to say, some appear in their feelings should Chrissy opt to choose a boy embryo the second time around.


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Gender selection has long been a hot button topic, but one that's not exclusive to celebrity parents. As Healthline notes, the IVF process often allows hopeful parents to find out the sex of their child before implantation due to genetic tests, which could inspire moms- and dads-to-be to choose whether or not they want to have a boy or a girl.

(The US currently has no restrictions on IVF's being used for gender selection.)

Still, the idea of expectant parents' being able to determine the sex of their child (or select a particular embryo) -- especially when it's not needed for medical reasons -- leaves people feeling some kind of way. Even the Ethics Committee of the American Society of Reproductive Medicine has weighed in on the pros and cons of sex selection for nonmedical reasons, which shows people are divided about the issue.

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While I don't think I would ever elect to choose my children's gender, I certainly won't knock any parent who does.

Personally, I don't envision Chrissy and John (let's stop leaving him out of the equation, as Dad is involved, too) like mad scientists in a lab. I think they're aware of the embryos they have and might want to go use a boy, assuming everything goes as planned.

I don't think this makes them any less grateful -- or horrible human beings in any way -- and would hope people can respect their decision to make their own choices, even if they don't agree.

Let's agree to live and let live, because it might be best for everyone's sanity.

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