Winona Ryder's Face Captures All the Feelings in 1 Minute at the SAG Awards

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Amid the gorgeous gowns and political outcry at Sunday night's Screen Actors Guild Awards, one actress really stood out. Winona Ryder's, er, interesting facial expressions, made during costar David Harbour's impassioned speech while accepting the show's award for best ensemble drama, have spawned dozens of memes. While some are concerned the Stranger Things star may have spent too much time in the upside-down, we think her wave of emotions -- made in one minute -- truly say it all. 


Fans were beyond thrilled to see the 45-year-old Minnesotan make her return to acting in the binge-worthy sci-fi Netflix series. But even Ryder's alter-ego Joyce Byers, a frantic mom racing against time to save her child from a supernatural predator, wasn't this expressive! Take a look at some of her best faces:

Here, she looks even more confused than when her fictional son Will tried to contact her through their home's flickering lights. 

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Clearly, Winona agrees with her castmate's call to action. Harbour was channeling his character Chief Jim Hopper when he suggested punching "some people in the face when they seek to destroy the weak and the disenfranchised and the marginalized."

Winona is feelin' him, though her fist-pumping seems to distract Finn Wolfhard, who portrays Mike on the series (which, thankfully, has been renewed for a second season). 

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This grimace is everything and proves that reality still bites sometimes. 

Despite what her expressions might suggest, she is with Harbour every step of the way.

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No emotion went unexpressed. Check it out.

For such a petite person, Ryder's hands appear surprisingly large as she waves her appreciation for the honor.  

Thanks, Winona, for expressing what so many are feeling at home right now. 

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