Something Is Definitely Up With Kim Kardashian Since Her Paris Robbery

Tanvier Peart | Jan 27, 2017 Celebrities
Image: Jaxson / Splash News

Kim Kardashian was seen leaving a Los Angeles studio wearing a lip ring. Kim was wearing a blue and gray striped shirt and leather pants.
Jaxson / Splash News

We're so happy that she feels comfortable -- and safe enough -- to make her return to social media ... but something about her pics since Kim Kardashian was robbed in Paris seem a bit ... different -- including that lip ring!

Maybe it's a new filter and not a big deal, but still, these pics don't reflect the Kim we're used to seeing. Although Kim's latest photos do feature her sweet family, they're grainier, blurrier, and a little more dark. Who knows, maybe Kim's new snaps represent how she's feeling after that unthinkable ordeal -- or maybe they're meant to be dramatic in some artistic Polaroid-inspired way.


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