Rare Auction Item Has Been Signed by Princess Diana & Kate Middleton

kate middleton
Butterworth/Splash News

Royal fans, get your bidding hands ready. In March, the auction house Guernsey's is holding a massive celebrity auction with a seriously wide array of items. Among this treasure trove is a hat signed by both Princess Diana and Kate Middleton. Talk about royalphile gold!


The auction will be offering items by everyone from Dale Earnhardt to John F. Kennedy. But one of the most special and unique pieces is the burgundy velvet hat signed by both princesses. According to Guernsey's, the "simple hat" was signed by "two of the world's most elegant and beloved women." Diana's signature reads "Much love, Diana," while the duchess simply signed it with her name. The hat is "beautifully displayed in a House of Windsor glass case measuring 25 x 25 x 9 in."

kate middleton
The Rosen Group

Very pretty, but kind of an elaborate display for one's home, no?

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Without a doubt, this hat will be snatched up. For a royal family fan, anything signed by both Princess Diana and Kate Middleon is nothing short of treasure. It's unclear whether both -- or either -- women wore the hat, though, as neither Kate nor Diana seem to be wearing it in the photos. 

What a special piece. And cheers to the person who goes home with this gem. Though, the real question is: Will they be able to resist breaking the glass and trying it on themselves? 

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