Kim Kardashian Has Brought in a 'Sex Coach' to Save Her Marriage

kim and kanye
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Still not quite there yet. According to a new report, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West aren't as lovey-dovey as they used to be -- especially in the bedroom. Apparently, after Kim's Paris robbery and Kanye's hospitalization, the couple have been having issues in the ol' boudoir. So, what did they do? Kim and Kanye brought in a sex coach, of course. 


Evidently, even though things look like they're great between Kim and Kanye, they've still got some kinks in their relationship that they're dealing with -- and they mainly pertain to their sex life. A family insider told Radar Online that Kanye has been complaining to friends that Kim is no longer affectionate with him, and understandably, it's concerning him. But! Another source who spoke to OK! says that they're both to blame for their lack of passion lately."Kim’s libido took a hit after Saint was born and since then it's gotten worse because Kanye's sex drive vanished after his breakdown," the source told the mag.

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Both Kim and Kanye want to make their relationship work, so they've reportedly brought in the big guns: a "sex coach," who will offer Kim and Kanye tips and advice on putting the spark back in their marriage. "The sex therapist is not going into the bedroom with them, mostly talking through things and helping them communicate better, alongside their regular therapist," an insider revealed to OK!

Of course, it's a bummer that Kim and Kanye are still having issues, but good for them for dealing with them and fighting for their relationship. Clearly, they haven't thrown in the towel on each other just yet. 

Stay strong, guys. This country needs you. 

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