Saint West Makes His Rap Debut -- Holy Adorable

kanye west
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Special guest star Saint West! In a new post on her app, Kim Kardashian shared a precious GIF of Saint in the recording studio with Kanye West. In the adorable little snippet, Kim is seen holding Saint up to a microphone, while Kanye looks on lovingly. Doesn't get much sweeter -- or cooler -- than this. How many kids can say they dropped a track at age one?


How sweet is this? And check out how big Saint has gotten!

saint west

Love it. Wondering if Kanye is sampling his son's voice on his latest track. He's definitely used unusual samplings before, so it wouldn't be a surprise.

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After everything they've been through, it's so sweet to see Kim, Kanye, and their kids back to normal -- and Kanye back to work in the studio. After a harrowing few months, followed by a little hiatus for Kim and Kanye, the couple -- and their kids -- must be thrilled to have a sense of normalcy back. 

Here's to hoping 2017 is nothing but smooth sailing for Kimye. And here's to hoping Kanye drops a track with Saint's vocal stylings on it soon. Something like that needs to be shared with the world pronto. 

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