Kate Middleton Gets Real About What Life as a Princess Is Like

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As if we needed a reason to adore this woman even more. Kate Middleton recently visited a children's hospice, and not only made the days of some very sick kiddos and their families, but also got refreshingly real about being a princess.


Prince William's wife made an appearance at one of her key charities this week, East Anglia's Children's Hospice, and spent time with several families there. The center is about 40 miles south of her country home in Anmer, and it was definitely not her first visit.

In fact, she spent time with one family that she already knew -- the Bentons, whose 6-year-old daughter Isabelle uses the services. Kate got to chat with Isabelle's parents, Roger and Michala, as well as her and her three sisters Aimie, 9, Daisy, 4, and Molly, 2.

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Michala told People magazine, "She recognized us, as we have met her before. She was quite chatty. My daughter Daisy asked Kate what it was like to be a real princess, and Kate said she's very lucky that she's very well looked after by her husband. Molly gave her a picture she had made at preschool."

Michala also shared that the Duchess of Cambridge loves to relate her own tales about mothering small children: "She made a comment of how Charlotte and George run off in different directions when she is trying to get them ready!" Michala told the mag.

It wasn't purely a social call for Kate, though, who spent time asking the Bentons and other families how the center helps them, and what the children like to do when they're there. Michala told People, "She was totally genuine, she spent time talking to each family. She made a comment about one girl's glittery shoes, on their level, knelt down to their level and you could see she genuinely cares. There are no airs and graces, she is totally natural. You can see she wants to be there and see what the families are going through. She is a genuine, caring woman."

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Jane Campbell, the service manager of the hospice, agreed that Kate showed real compassion and concern for the families there. She told People that the princess "got down on people's levels," and worked hard to put people at ease so she could hear their stories.

We love how much Kate loves to help other people, from huge philanthropic projects (she's currently working on opening another facility for the hospice charity) to just getting down on a kid's level to ooh and ahh over a preschool drawing.

Plus, she keeps it totally real. She may be "lucky" to be a princess, but a lot more people are "lucky" she's working on their behalf.

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