Jill Duggar's Anti-Abortion Stance Angers Fans


It's no secret that the Duggars hold some pretty conservative views, yet for some reason, people always seem shocked when they participate in the pro-life movement. Most recently, Jill (Duggar) Dillard was criticized for her anti-abortion stance and involvement in a rally honoring life.


The Counting On star, who is expecting her second child with husband Derick Dillard, posted about the March for Life rally happening just one day after the Women's March in Washington, DC. Apparently they planned to meet at a church, and then go to Planned Parenthood to peacefully protest.

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She even had the audacity to add the hashtag #everylifematters, indicating that she believes that fetuses are actually living little humans. Crazy! 

Some people even went so far as to say she was "bullying" others by sharing this information about an organized protest against abortion. One commenter wrote, "I have also unfollowed you and the rest of your family for this disgusting display of bullying."

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Yeah, partaking of your first amendment right to peacefully protest something isn't bullying. Jill isn't getting in anyone's face here. She isn't calling anyone names. She's not saying that anyone who has had an abortion is evil, terrible, awful, or even a murderer. She's speaking her mind about an issue near and dear to her heart.

Last we checked, speaking your mind about an important issue impacting females was exactly what the Women's March was about. Agree with it or not, protesting doesn't make someone a bully.

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