Jessa Duggar Tries to Predict Her Second Baby's Gender

Jessa Duggar Seewald

We're getting closer and closer to February -- the month Jessa is expected to give birth -- and are getting more and more excited for baby Seewald each day. With weeks to go before Spurgeon becomes a big brother, many -- including Jessa -- are wonder if the Seewalds will welcome another boy or a girl. During a recent episode of Counting On, Jessa (Duggar) Seewald tried to guess her baby's gender, which was too cute.


The cameras captured Mom (Jessa was 18 weeks at the time) and hubby Ben heading to sister Jill and Derick's house to hear their second child's heartbeat for the first time. And though the happy couple seemed adamant they're having another boy, midwife Jill thinks a girl is on the way based on the speed of the baby's heartbeat.

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Though we'll have to wait and see who is right, it looks like rumors of twins could still be in play ... well, maybe.

"It could be the same baby with variability in the heartbeat, or it could be two babies," Jill says during the episode after hearing the heartbeat.

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What's interesting is that Jessa believes she's having another boy, even though she admits this pregnancy is different from her first.

"I've had way more food aversions, and certain things -- like coffee, chicken, and popcorn -- we couldn't even have it in the house," Mom reveals in the clip. "And I didn't have that with Spurgeon."

Most of the Duggar family appear to be on Jill's side, as many of Jessa's sisters said they think she's having a girl during her baby shower.

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Guess we'll have to wait to see who's right!

We hope Mom and baby continue to do okay and stay healthy.

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