Kate Middleton Would Upstage Hollywood Royalty -- & BAFTA Knows It

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While she may have received an invitation to the annual British Academy of Film and Television Awards, it sounds like this potential guest isn't really all that welcome. Reportedly, though BAFTA extended an invite, fears remain that Kate Middleton is bound to upstage Hollywood royalty and British stars, and for that reason, some say the organization would rather the princess stay home. 


Granted, Kate does make quite a splash wherever she goes. But, considering Prince William is president of the independent charity, it would seem particularly strange for him to leave his wife out of the star-studded evening. Though he hasn't attended since 2014, it would still be ridiculous to not include William and Kate.

Denying the claim that the princess is unwelcome, a BAFTA spokesperson explained to the Sun: "It is completely untrue that BAFTA has suggested that our president attend on his own. We would be delighted to welcome Their Royal Highnesses any year they are able to attend."

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There's really no denying that Kate would take center stage as she does at nearly everything she attends.

And we get it. These celebs are everywhere -- the Golden Globes, the People's Choice Awards, the Screen Actors Guild, the Oscars. But you're not going to find the duchess at those. Of course people want to focus on her. She's a princess and a style icon.  

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We have to imagine Kate would give the whole situation one of her signature eye rolls and brush it off. 

Still, it'll be interesting to see if William and Kate decide to attend this year after such a fuss has been made. Maybe it's reverse psychology on the part of those spreading the rumors -- act like they don't want Kate there and she won't be able to stay away!

Time will tell if the princess walks the red carpet on February 12. Stay tuned.

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