Prince Harry & Meghan Markle's Romance Is Creating Major Royal Drama

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Talk about royal family drama! Radar Online is reporting that Prince Harry's wedding with Meghan Markle has been called off, following a heated argument with his dad, Prince Charles.


Apparently the heir to the throne is worried about the damage Markle might do to the family's reputation. And just in case you weren't spitting out your Diet Coke in disbelief yet, Camilla may have been behind the entire attack on Harry's relationship!

According to the gossip site, Charles took Harry aside after his recent romantic getaway in Norway to the see the Northern Lights, and told his younger son, "What are you thinking? Dump her now! Camilla is right! She's nothing but a commoner -- she's not even British! She's not fit to be your wife!"

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Of course, please take this all with a grain of salt, since it's not like Harry and Meghan were or are officially engaged. Even so, sources say that it's never going to happen anyway, because the royal family is too worried about the Suits star's baggage.

Meghan's brother, Thomas Markle Jr., 50, was reportedly arrested for holding a gun to a woman's head earlier this month. The incident of course involved alcohol, and an insider told Radar "it was the last straw for Charles and Camilla."

Despite being caught in one rumored scandal after another, "Harry doesn't care. He is totally in love with her and desperate to marry her," the source tells Radar. Charles and Camilla are rumored to be upset that Meghan is divorced, and that she was living with someone just before she and Harry became an item.

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And believe it or not, Meghan's ethnicity may even be an issue. The biracial beauty has an African-American mother and Caucasian father, and has even been labeled as "ghetto." The source dished, "I'm told there have been racist remarks made about tainting the royal blood line -- behind closed doors. Meghan's been publicly badmouthed by her sister, and now her brother faces gun charges. I hear Camilla said Meghan's family is too 'ghetto' to become royal in-laws!"

Holy moly! We are hoping that this gossip is nothing more than someone making stuff up to stir the pot. We love Meghan and Harry together -- they seem to be happy and down to earth and enjoying each other's company.

Charles should know better than anyone not to try to pressure someone out of marrying the love of his or her life out of "royal duty." After all, it didn't turn out very well for him and Diana. Of all people, he should be the one encouraging Harry to follow his heart.

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