11 Signs Kate Middleton Was Destined for Life as a Royal

Liz Alterman | Jan 26, 2017 Celebrities
Image: James Whatling/Splash News

James Whatling/Splash News

When you look at this princess, it seems as if she were destined for royalty. Seriously, when you see the always-regal Kate Middleton, can you imagine her as a waitress or working in retail? No, we can't either. She's meant for her title as Duchess of Cambridge, and glimpses of her fate where evident dating all the way back to her childhood.  

Whether she was sitting for a school photo or serving as a bridesmaid in her uncle's wedding, Kate has always known just how to strike a pose. Take a look at 11 times the princess seems poised for palace life. 

  • Adventurer

    The Middleton Family

    How cute is Kate at 3, on holiday with her family in the Lake District? An early sense of adventure was a sure sign she was ready to travel the world later in life carrying out her royal duties.

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  • Always With a Ready Smile

    The Middleton Family

    Even though Kate is only 5 in this family photo, she looks wise beyond her years. With her sweet smile, she already embodies the kindness and compassion we've come to expect from the princess.

  • Traveling the World

    The Middleton Family

    At just 4 years old,  Kate and family traveled to Jerash, Jordan. Here she is with her her father and her sister, Pippa. Even as a child, Kate's ensemble was always on point. 

  • Practicing That Royal Wave

    YouTube/Daily News

    How adorable is it to see that Kate got an early start on that famous royal wave? At 9, the duchess served as a bridesmaid in her uncle's wedding. That floral crown would later be replaced by a tiara. Either way, she wears it well. 

  • Cheeky Grin

    Splash News

    Look at Kate's eyes -- it's almost like she knows she's going places. You can see where George and Charlotte get their sweet smiles -- and pinchable cheeks. 

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  • Serious Student

    Splash News

    Kate looks as if she's taking school seriously. We know she's had to study up to get all the proper etiquette down as a royal. If only she knew then that she'd be able to ditch that uniform for some of the most coveted frocks in London, surely she'd have been smiling a bit wider. 

  • Standing Tall

    Splash News

    The duchess never slouches. Kate is standing tall in her prep school photo. Her hair isn't quite as perfectly styled as we're accustomed to seeing it these days, but she was probably just perfecting her updos.

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  • Class Photo

    University of St Andrews/Splash

    Even in a crowd, Kate really stands out, especially in this first year photo at St. Andrews University in May 2002. Prince William is sitting just a few feet away. Little did they know what awaited them!

  • Kate & Her Prince

    The Middleton Family

    Kate Middleton and Prince William looked pretty close on their graduation day from St. Andrews University in June 2005. Is it any surprise that they married six years later? They look so comfortable together!

  • Graduation Day

    The Middleton Family

    The Middleton family shared this stunning photo of Kate on her graduation day from St. Andrews University. She looks happy and confident and her gorgeous mane looks perfect as usual. She looks ready to take on the world.

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  • Stunning on the Slopes

    Gorilla Pictures / Splash News

    In 2009, Kate and Prince William skied in Switzerland on a romantic getaway. Proving she's athletic and up for anything, Kate was meant for a life in the spotlight. 

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