Chrissy Teigen Wins the Internet by Mixing Wine & Stretch Marks

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This always-honest mom of one is up to her old tricks. Even though she's a supermodel married to a music "legend," Chrissy Teigen reminded us that she's just a regular mom, stretch marks and all. The hot mama shared a photo of the subtle lines that adorn her thighs, but rather than fret over her stripes, the 31-year-old is embracing them. Go, Chrissy!  


After a bit of wine, Teigen -- who welcomed daughter Luna last April with hubby John Legend -- shared a snap of her thigh (which is about the size of my upper arm, but that's another story entirely). In it, you can see the swimsuit model has some very minor markings. But is she going to let it bother her? No way.

Check them out, and have a laugh at her cool-as-a-cucumber caption:

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What made her decide to share this? That empty wine glass might have something to do with it, as she acknowledges in her next tweet:

She's hilarious as she tells fans "sober Chrissy" doesn't like the "whatevs" vino-enhanced side of her personality. Again, who can't relate to that? 

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But to fans, especially moms, in the same boat, Chrissy's post meant more than she might ever have realized.

It's her ability to connect with real people that makes her so lovable and relatable.

But as she states, she wasn't posting these for glory.

So maybe it's not just the wine talking -- Chrissy is delightfully comfortable with herself. And it is a cool pattern, which we can't help but notice almost matches her table.

Still, it must be a shock for someone who makes a living based on her flawless physique to see these changes occur -- probably even more so since she became a mom. But this isn't the first time Teigen shared shared her minor imperfections. Even before welcoming baby Luna, Chrissy posted a pic of her "stretchies":

Bruises from bumping kitchen drawer handles for a week. Stretchies say hi!

A photo posted by chrissy teigen (@chrissyteigen) on

Thanks to her trademark humor and confidence, she's handling everything that comes her way with grace and style, and we'd expect nothing less from her. 

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