Jim Bob & Michelle Duggar Face Backlash Over Well Wishes for Trump


It's always interesting to see what Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar have to say about politics. This time they've wished their best to the new president, Donald Trump, and while everyone should be hoping that he does a good job as the leader of the free world, the Duggars seem to have some weird ideas about The Donald.


It's not surprising that the Duggars would support Trump over Hillary, on pro-life issues alone. Although Trump has gone back and forth on the issue over the years, Hillary has actively fought in the Senate to preserve partial-birth abortion.

Not to mention that the Duggars are tight with former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee, so it's pretty much a given that they'll vote for whomever he endorses.

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What is surprising, given who Donald J. Trump seems to be as a person, is Jim Bob and Michelle's hope that America will somehow magically become a Christian nation once again.

Earlier this week, the notoriously conservative clan posted on Facebook, "Evangelicals played a huge role in Donald Trump becoming our new President this week. We all know that we need to see our country turn back to God."

It's no secret that evangelicals tend to vote Republican over Democrat, but do the Duggars really think that Mr. Trump is some paragon of Christian virtue who is going to make it shameful in America once again to skip Sunday church services? Um, yeah ... we're thinking that's unlikely to happen.

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Plus JB and Michelle used it as an opportunity to hawk Huckabee's Learn Our History organization and their DVD for kids -- One Nation Under God. They claimed that the DVDs are free, but buried in the post they warned that it is a subscription service, so, you know, good luck canceling that.

As one commenter replied to the post, "It's awesome. But their DVD has never been free. Wish they were and I'd get one for kids. Wish Christians especially wouldn't spread falsities like that, 'cause people trust you."

No matter how anyone feels about Donald Trump, let's not pretend he's some paragon of Christian virtue, shall we?

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