Kate Middleton Crushes Prince William's Dreams but We Love Her for It

prince william kate middleton
James Whatling/Splash News

We got a taste of some sweet husband-and-wife ribbing between Kate Middleton and Prince William at a recent charity event -- including how deviously funny the duchess can be. While there, a newscaster revealed that Prince William said he would run a marathon, but Kate smashed the notion ... in a charming and loving way, of course. 


Entertainment Tonight reported that Good Morning Britain's Sean Fletcher shared that while talking to the prince, William "promised that he will run a marathon in Kenya sometime." Fletcher also shared Kate's response to her husband's big run: "I'll believe it when I see it," she said. 

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We know that William loves riding his motorcycle (something Kate isn't so rah-rah about), and he also likes to partake in a game of soccer as well as playing polo. He's quick to jump into any game with any kids around the globe (and chasing after his own two little ones). And perhaps he plays a little tennis thanks to Kate's affection for the sport. But marathon running? That's not something you just decide to do one day; that takes training for months.

We love how Kate responded in a way we'd respond if someone told us that our significant other made a promise we knew just wasn't going to happen. She gave her own version of "Yeah, right" in perfect Kate form. Kate ... the dream crusher! Who knew?! Okay, okay ... we know Kate isn't holding Will back from running marathons; she clearly just knows her husband very well and is nearly certain that marathon running just isn't something he's going to do. We do love their rapport. Their humor. Their oh-so enviable couple-y ways.

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The marathon in Kenya that Fletcher was talking about is raising money for mental health charities, a cause supported by the royals. The Virgin Money London Marathon is happening in April. Hmm, maybe if Will starts training now, he can put some miles on those running shoes? Like Kate, we will believe it when we see it. Will and Kate are going to indeed be a part of it, but on the sidelines. Maybe seeing the runners will further inspire him ... maybe even Kate, too. We'd love to see that!

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