10 Times the Duggars Were Accused of Breaking All the Rules

Tanvier Peart | Jan 20, 2017 Celebrities
10 Times the Duggars Were Accused of Breaking All the Rules
Image: TLC

The Duggars are back in another season of 'Jill & Jessa: Counting On'

The Duggars might be a famous family that prides itself on walking the straight and narrow and adhering to a strict moral code -- but that doesn't mean they are perfect or without fault. In the years they've been on television and in the public eye, we've watched many members of the family fall from grace over and over again, pick themselves back up, and even withstand accusations of some pretty serious things.

Sadly, it's hard for just about anyone to dodge judgment and ridicule when they live their entire life in front of the camera -- and, boy do the Duggars get their fair share of shade and criticism from fans and foes alike. Whether it's people bashing Jill and Derek's parenting skills, slamming Jim Bob and Michelle for their pasts, or questioning Jessa's Instagram photos, it seems there's always a new controversy bubbling up for the Duggar family.

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With that in mind, we've rounded up a revealing (and juicy) look at all the times members of the Duggar family -- and those who married into it -- were charged with breaking the rules in the court of public scrutiny. Some of these old scandals are things even the most dedicated fans might not remember, but others are impossible to forget.


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