Kim Kardashian's New Piercing Is the Last Thing We Were Expecting

Jackson Lee/ Splash News

She's back from her hiatus from the spotlight, and she's definitely making some waves. Kim Kardashian has been rocking a new lip ring in 2017, and it doesn't look like it's going anywhere anytime soon.


Kim's been sporting the new bling since the Kardashian family Christmas party, and even included it in her first selfie of 2017. But until now, we weren't quite sure how real or lasting the jewelry would be. 

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Jackson Lee/Splash News

Kim has been rocking the glam-grunge thing ever since her saunter back into the limelight following a three-month hiatus to spend time with her family after being robbed at gunpoint in Paris. The lip ring certainly complements her sweatpants and zippered furs, does it not?

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No word on whether or not the new hoop is real or not, but one thing is clear -- Kim is loving it, and we doubt we've seen the last of it.

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