Scott Disick's Package Steals the Spotlight in Pic You Have to See to Believe

T Jay/Photo Image Press/Splash News

We can't stop staring. Sorry, not sorry, but someone snapped a photo of Scott Disick's man bulge in sweatpants, and let's just say we're only surprised he hasn't shown it off as often as Jon Hamm seems to like putting his junk on display.


While Lord Disick didn't go full-frontal à la Orlando Bloom or Justin Bieber, he did show off his impressive package through the clingy thin material of his sweatpants. Could this be why Kourtney Kardashian can't seem to quit him?

More from CafeMom:

Hello, Mr. Disick! It's not the first confirmation that we've had that the father of three is hung like horse, as Kourt herself has confirmed that his thing looks "like an elephant's trunk."

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Even Kris Jenner walked in on her pseudo son-in-law naked once and commented that his ginormous package traumatized her. Kim has also commented on it, suggesting that he switch to tighty-whiteys to keep everything contained.

That would probably help. Until then, we'll continue to ogle without shame.

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