Kim Kardashian Reportedly Had to Be Persuaded to Stay With Kanye West

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Fighting for what he believes in. After Kim Kardashian's Paris robbery and Kanye West's hospitalization, dozens of reports claimed that Kim and Kanye were thisclose to calling it quits. But after Kim reemerged on social media with photos of her husband this January, the gossip stopped. But! As it turns out, there may have been some truth to the talk in the first place. A Kardashian source just revealed that Kanye actually convinced Kim to stay with him, as she was thisclose to divorcing him. 


Understandly, Kim was extremely shaken up after what happened to both her and Kanye, but evidently, it was Kanye's behavior leading up to his hospitalization that had Kim rethinking things. Apparently, she was unsettled by some of his outbursts and the fact that he trashed his good friends Jay Z and Beyonce during one of his shows. After he was released from the hospital, though, he promised Kim that he would continue with intense therapy and do what doctors asked of him. "Kanye swore to Kim that he was going to continue with intense therapy," a Kardashian source told Us Weekly. "He really wants to get better and will do whatever it takes to get healthy."

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In addition to regularly seeing his doctors, Kanye also has apologized to Jay Z and Beyonce for slamming them during a show, and for going off on them for not calling Kim after she was robbed. "Jay was very reasonable and understood that Kanye wasn't feeling well when he made the remarks," the insider told Us. "He was forgiving."

From the looks of things, Kim and Kanye are doing well right now and have made the decision to work through their issues. Hopefully, Kanye will stick with his treatment, and Kim will be understanding with him throughout the process. What he needs more than anything right now is love and support. 

You can do it, guys. 


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