Duggar Family Accused of Aggressively Husband Hunting for Jana

Duggar Family Official/Facebook

While 27 is hardly "old maid" status for the majority of Americans these days, it's pretty much unheard of in this clan. Which may be why Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar are trying to marry Jana off as quickly as possible.


Jana Duggar and her twin John-David turned 27 last week, and to commemorate the occasion, the Duggar family posted their praises on social media. Jana got special attention though, with the family writing, "Jana, you are such a wonderful, beautiful, sweet, virtuous woman. You have such a loving heart that continually shows kindness to everyone you encounter. We love the woman you've become!"

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The praises obviously mean that the family is trying to talk her up in hopes that someone will offer to court her, right?

It seems to be an about-face from the usual Duggar accusations, which tend to run along the lines of Jana being kept from marriage so that she can act as a nanny and servant to the rest of her family, including raising her plethora of younger siblings. She has even earned herself a nickname from critics of the family -- Cinderella Duggar.

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Jana has said publicly on the show that there have been interested men, but no one that has felt "right" to her yet. While some of us may wish upon a star that Jana venture out of her stay-at-home daughter status and seek her own life outside of the Duggar compound, this seems to be the life she has chosen.

We just hope she is happy, and not being coerced by her family one way or the other.

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