Prince George's New Primary School Sounds Perfect for the Royal Family

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He's growing up so fast! Believe it or not, Prince George is starting school in the fall, and like any other parents looking out for their precious baby, Prince William and Kate Middleton have chosen the perfect place for him.


It's long been assumed that Georgie would attend the Wetherby School in Notting Hill, where both his dad and uncle, Prince Harry, attended as lads. However, it looks as though the Cambridges have opted to go with something entirely new and different.

And by "new," we really mean it -- the Wetherby Kensington won't even be open until September, when George will start his first year. A source told the Sunday Express that the new school is "just around the corner from Kensington Palace" on Gloucester Road.

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The duke and duchess currently reside in the country at Anmer Hall in Norfolk, but have plans to return to London before their eldest begins his schooling.

Wetherby Kensington has also been described as "much more intimate and less likely to attract photographers," which has to be a huge up-sell for William and Kate, who have famously tried to make their kids' lives as normal as possible. The Notting Hill school famously attracts paparazzi due to the amount of high-profile figures and celebs who send their children there, so the decision for George to attend the new school seems to perfectly reflect their parenting philosophy.

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The little prince will be 4 years old when he starts reception in the fall, which is the US equivalent to pre-K. His new school sounds lovely, but we're not afraid to admit that we're just looking forward to any "first day of school" portraits the palace decides to release (remember these?!). We're already dying over the adorableness just thinking about it.

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