Kim Kardashian Shares a Big Saint West Milestone With Her Fans

kim kardashian
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Baby's first steps. On Tuesday, Kim Kardashian shared a series of photos and GIFs to her app, giving fans an inside peek of what her life is like at home with the kids. In one of the sweet snaps, little Saint West is seen walking with a little help from Kim and Kanye. And why yes, he is wearing a tiny velvet tracksuit, thanks for asking.


Saint, who's looking more like big sister North every day, is seen holding on to his dad's hands as Kim helps to steady his little feet. So cute!

kim kardashian

What an adorable little boy. Also, get ready, Mom and Dad. Now's when the real fun starts!

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After her nearly three-month hiatus from social media, Kim is back to posting to Instagram and Snapchat daily -- and most of her photos are of her children and her life at home. Her pics also are now edited with a grainy, blue-toned filter that's -- sorry, Kim -- kind of annoying. But hey, we'll take what we can get.

Kim has always seemed like a good mother who adores her children inside out, but it's clear that since her Paris attack, her priorities have greatly shifted. Her Instagram went from almost solely being sexy selfies to almost solely being G-rated, family-oriented shots. 

From the looks of things, Kim is slowly getting back to her very public life. In addition to posting to social media, she's recently jetted off to Dubai and New York -- for an appearance and to film a cameo in the upcoming Ocean's Eight, respectively. Apparently, Kim has felt more at ease since it was reported that 10 of the 17 people involved in her robbery have been caught. 

And that's good. Because the world feels more at ease when Kim Kardashian is in it. And exhale ...

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