Kim Kardashian Somehow Manages to Make Sweatpants Look Hot

kim kardashian
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New year, new Kim? Normally one to wear an evening gown to get fro yo, Kim Kardashian seems to have casualized her wardrobe since the start of 2017. The mom of two has been spotted in everything from sweatshirts to track pants as of late, but recently, when Kim stepped out in sweatpants in NYC, she got us thinking: Can sweatpants actually look ... hot? As it turns out, if your name happens to be Kim Kardashian, the answer is yes. 


On Monday night, Kim hit the streets of New York in a tight white top, fur coat, sky-high booties ... and sweats. The pants of course were designer -- Yeezy cotton terry sweatpant -- but still. Kim K. is now walking around a fashion capital in sweats. What a time to be alive. 

kim kardashian
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Of course, the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star didn't do sweats like most of us do sweats (see: messy bun and ratty T-shirt). Kim went all out in her athleisurewear, wearing her hair long and straight; sporting a face full of makeup; and of course, rocking her trusty lip ring. #justtheessentials

It's hard to determine if Kim's new sartorial choices are due to a desire to live more of a "low-key" life after her Paris robbery, or simply because her stylist suggested this as a new look. Whatever the reason, two things are certain: Kim will continue to be the sexiest woman in the room, regardless of what she's wearing, and everybody is going to run out and buy baggy, elastic-waisted sweatpants. Win-win.

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