Princess Diana to Get Her Own National Holiday 20 Years After Her Death

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It's been nearly 20 years since she passed away, and now Princess Diana is finally getting her own holiday to commemorate her life's work. The day will be nationally recognized in the United Kingdom, and it will be called National Kindness Day.


It seems to perfectly fit with the kind of life the People's Princess lived during her short time here on Earth. According to the UK's Express, the holiday's main function will be to "inspire people to do something for others."

In addition to Diana's having her own day to aptly honored, there will be a yearlong celebration put together by an organization known as The Diana Award. It was established in 1999 to celebrate Di's life work, and over the next year will give the International Legacy Award to 20 young men and women who have "successfully demonstrated positive social change."

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There will also be a a gala fundraiser hosted by Diana's brother, Earl Spencer, and an exhibit called Walking in Her Shoes. Kensington Palace announced late last year that they are in plans to create a memorial garden for the late princess, which will celebrate her iconic style.

Prince William was only 15 when his mother died, and Prince Harry was only 12, but it's obvious both boys had a wonderful connection with their mom, and strive every day to honor her memory. The princes will be personally involved in numerous events in 2017 to celebrate her life's mission of showing kindness to others.

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William has even used her untimely death to comfort others. Just last week, he told a 12-year-old boy that he went through an "angry period" following his mom's death. The lad's mother reported, "He told my son that, when his mum died, he was 15 at the time, and he was very angry and found it very difficult to talk about it."

Princess Diana more than deserves her own holiday, and we couldn't have picked a more perfect way to celebrate her life than to celebrate her kindness. 

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