Blac Chyna's Second Baby With Rob Kardashian Might Already Be in the Works

blac chyna
Xavier Collin/Image Press/Splash News

Going for baby number two already? According to a new report, Blac Chyna may already be pregnant again with Rob Kardashian's baby. Despite the fact that these two crazy kids seems to have explosive fights that lead to breakups every other week, the pair also apparently has "amazing" make-up sex that may have led to another little Kardashian bundle of joy. 


According to In Touch -- so yeah, grain of salt, please -- Rob and Chyna's most recent make-up session may have led to another positive pregnancy test. "She's told friends she's always planned to have two Kardashian babies," an insider told the mag. "She and Rob break up, move out, get back together, and have amazing make-up sex. Chyna could easily be pregnant again already." Crazytown. 

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Both Rob and Chyna clearly love being parents, and obviously little Dream has been good for Rob, but another baby? Already? Might not be the best idea just yet. After all, Dream is barely 2 months old. Throwing another one into the mix now might get a little crazy -- especially for a tumultuous couple who can't seem to make up their minds about being together or breaking up. 

The smart thing for Rob and Chyna would be to get married, see how things are between the two of them after a few months, then decide to have another. Because while babies are super cute, they're definitely not the answer to love life problems. 

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