Amy Duggar Accused of Not Taking 'Marriage Boot Camp' Seriously


You would think she'd be taking this more seriously. Amy (Duggar) King is treating Marriage Boot Camp like a joke -- at least that's what it looks like in this clip from Friday's night's episode.


The former 19 Kids and Counting star is on the celeb edition of the show along with her hubby Dillon King, whom she wed in September 2015. Even though she's said in interviews that there's nothing really wrong with her relationship, and they just participated to learn better communication skills, it looks like there might be more there than she realizes.

On the show, Amy and Dillon had to participate in an exercise that involved her faking her death, and his coming to terms with the "last words" he had spoken to her. It sounds bizarre, but Amy was even made up to look like a corpse after a car crash.

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On camera, Dillon explained that it hit him hard, since he was in a pretty serious auto accident in January 2015. "I actually was blindsided by the car crash because I had my previous car crash, which was like a year ago, so I could kind of relate to the scene, and I could already tell I'm a little scared," he admitted.

Over Amy's "dead" body, King was instructed by Dr. Venus Nicolino to read aloud the last words he had texted his bride. He apparently told her that her temper gets "out of hand" and that she can be "hurtful as f--k."

That's when Amy got a case of the giggles. Her hubby explained that she wasn't being helpful. "It kind of takes away a little bit from the sense of where we're trying to head. I mean, your smiling and your laughing is not helping me .... It's making it hard for me not to smile at you."

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All Amy could reply was, "I am really bad at this .... I'm sorry -- I'm not good at playing dead."

The therapist was not amused with Amy's antics. Nicolino scolded her, "You're actually stopping Dillon from getting to a place that he needs to go .... Amy, do you think this is a joke?"

Hopefully she takes her marriage more seriously than being dead ... or at least the show. 

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