13 Times Celebs Were Totally, Unnecessarily Photoshopped

Image: zendaya/Instagram

If you've ever looked at a celeb on a movie poster or the cover of a magazine and wondered how it is that they look so seemingly flawless, well, the answer is simple: Photoshop. The use of digital airbrushing is so widespread that you might not even notice it most of the time, but other times alterations are so obvious they're downright painful ... and probably even unnecessary, more often than not. 

Photoshop is responsible for erasing everything from pimples to pounds to wrinkles, and sometimes for adding features, too (curves, height, makeup ... you name it!). To demonstrate how much this virtual tool has negatively influenced our current standard of beauty, we've rounded up some of the most obvious examples of Photoshop overuse (many of the subjects have also been appalled!) -- and we think you'll agree that these stars looked better before all the rampant retouching.

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