Fans Are Accusing Kylie Jenner of a Pretty Ridiculous Photoshop Fail

kylie jenner
Xavier Collin/IPA/Splash News

Well, this is ... odd. In a gorgeous new photo of Kylie Jenner and Tyga that Tyga posted to Instagram, it appears that Kyle has a nipple on her knee. Yes, a nipple. On her knee. Understandably, the photo has fans super confused. Some are saying it's a bed bug, others are saying it's #photoshopfail, and of course there are those that are saying, "Leave Kylie alone!"


The photo itself is absolutely gorgeous, and it couldn't be more obvious that these two are still seriously in love. But yeah. What up with Kylie's knee?

Some people are, not surprisingly, demanding answers from Kylie and Tyga, who will no doubt get in touch with them to clarify things. But a few observant others figured out that -- most likely -- the "nipple" is part of a plant in the forefront of the photo. And if you look closely enough, it appears to be just that. So everyone can calm themselves. Kylie Jenner doesn't, in fact, have a third nipple on her knee. Though, for the record, it is kind of a weird photo. 

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They certainly have #blessed lives, but damn, the Kardashian-Jenner girls can't do or post anything without a barrage of comments, questions, and concerns. It's just a plant, people. But hey, who knows? Kylie certainly is a trendsetter -- perhaps nipple knees could be the next big thing. 


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