13 Celeb Diet 'Tricks' -- From Kinda Wacky to Way Restrictive

Alaisha Key | Jan 19, 2017 Celebrities

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Let's get real. We all say that we want to lose those annoying five pounds and don't. But when looks are a big part of your job, as it is for most celebrities, you really have no choice -- or time. And that combination leads to some pretty extreme measures, usually in the forms of restrictive diets or strange food choices that would have a normal person giving major side eye. (Seriously, ain't nobody got time for that!) But we guess that's the price of being a star. And, hell, who are we to judge?!

From eating habits that are a little (okay, really) bizarre -- like color coding the meals that you eat each day -- to following diets that consist of only fruit, here are some of the wackiest things that celebs have done in the name of staying in shape or transforming themselves for the camera. 

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