Kim Kardashian Is So Thin in New Pic -- Even Her Butt Is Tiny

kim kardashian
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Clearly, when Kim Kardashian was on hiatus, she and her team had a meeting about the look and feel of her new social media presence. And -- clearly -- everyone was in agreement that faded, slightly blue-toned, vintage-looking (kind of bizarre) family photos was the way to go. On Tuesday, Kim posted a new photo to Instagram, and the look and feel is similar to the rest of Kim's 2017 'grams. But in this shot, Kanye is wiping something off of Kim's butt, as, you know, husbands are wont to do. 


Since she's been back, Kim has only posted family photos -- photos that were seemingly all taken in the same day or two -- and her latest is no different. However, in the shot, Kanye is dusting off his wife's rear. In the caption, Kim informs all of her followers, "He always has my back."

he always has my back �

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Very cute. But also, slightly strange. Not exactly sure what Kanye's doing here, and the filtering makes both of them -- Kim especially -- look like different people. Where are her curves? Her butt?

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Apparently, this is the new Kim Kardashian (online, at least). She's just a chill mom of two who likes to wear hooded sweatshirts (with heels and possibly no pants) and hang at home with her family. 

Of course, it doesn't come as a surprise that Kim's revamped social media accounts don't feature the glitz, glamour, and bling that they once had, as police alluded to the fact that her Paris robbery may have been caused by that. But her new photos definitely are a little surprising. 

If this is the new Kim, fine. We'll take it. An Instagram world with her is better than one without her. But let's hope that she doesn't edit out all of her curves in her new photos, or stop posting the occasional shocking pic. After all, that is one of the things that makes her so fascinating. 

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