Even Kate Middleton Admits Parenting Is 'Tough'

James Whatling/Splash News
It seems sometimes that it doesn't matter how much money or status you may have -- if you're a mom, you know parenting is hard work. While meeting with mothers who are facing emotional challenges, Kate Middleton shared that she, too, thinks caring for little ones is "tough." Oh, we hear you, Duchess! 


The princess, mom to George, 3, and Charlotte, 1, obviously has her hands full with those two adorable but busy tots, so she definitely knows what she's talking about. 

The Mirror reports that Kate visited the Anna Freud Centre in north London, where moms who've faced issues such as abuse and addiction can get the help they need when it comes to caring for and bonding with their babies and toddlers. 

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The duchess was her gracious self and credited the moms for their strength and courage in light of the challenges they've had to overcome to get where they are. 

"Parenting is tough," she reportedly told the moms. "And with the history and all the things and the experiences you've all witnessed, to do that on top of your own anxieties, and the lack of support you also received as 
mothers ... I find it extraordinary how you've managed actually. So really well done."

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It must've meant so much to these women to have a visit and a verbal pat on the back from the princess, who has made the issue of mental health a top priority. Kate has worked with princes William and Harry to try to end the stigma that often surrounds these conditions. And seeing her continue to champion theses causes just makes us admire her all the more.

Although she's a royal, we know Kate is a very hands-on mom who puts her kids first. Whether she's playing in the park, doing the grocery shopping herself, or carrying them off a plane while wearing heels, so often Kate seems almost too down-to-earth to be a princess. So hearing the words of someone with two young children hopefully raised the spirits of these women who are trying to do their best for their growing families. 

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