Duggar Family Posts Bible Verse & the Internet Freaks Out


The Duggars posted another Bible verse online, so you know they were bound to get bashed for sharing their views. It's just the way these things seem to work. The Duggar family shared a verse about the evils of greed and were immediately criticized for being hypocrites, because, of course, they make money.


There's no doubt that the Counting On clan does well for themselves, with an estimated net worth in the low millions. They own several properties and businesses, not to mention the cash brought in from their years as reality TV stars.

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Which seems to be the issue that some people took with the openly Christian family when they posted about the love of money being the root of all evil on social media over the weekend. Here's what was posted on the fam's official Facebook site:

The Hollywood Gossip reports that in some now-deleted comments, people wrote things like, "And that is exactly why they were exposed for the fakes they are. Their love for fame and fortune," and, "If ratings start dipping, marriages are rushed and courtships develop and progress rapidly. It's all about the ratings, which translates to 'it's all about the money.'"

We were unaware that earning money meant that you couldn't quote Bible verses about greed, but hey -- commenters on the Internet teach us something new every day.

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Because seriously, it's pretty clear that they're not saying money is evil in itself. It's the love of money that can lead down dark paths. As one supporter wrote, "There are so many who misquote this! Thank you for posting the correct version!"

The Duggars may or may not love money. But simply because they earn it by allowing cameras into their lives, while simultaneously saying that greed is against Biblical principles, does not make them hypocrites.

There are enough other reasons to question the family's moral compass (cough cough, looking at you, Josh), so let's just let this one pass, shall we?

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