Watch Jill Duggar Give Sister Jinger Wedding Day Kissing Advice


It may have happened last November, but now we're getting the behind-the-scenes details leading up to Jinger Duggar's wedding day -- including the advice she received for her very first kiss.


Per Duggar tradition, Jinger waited to lock lips with her intended until she and Jeremy Vuolo were pronounced husband and wife at the altar. Given the different ways in which her two older sisters handled their first kisses with their husbands, we were all dying to know what Jinger would do.

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Jill (Duggar) Dillard delighted in having her first kiss with Derick in front of 1,000 wedding guests and a television crew during their 2014 wedding. Several months later, Jessa and Ben Seewald shocked the audience by opting to share their first smooch in private, after the ceremony.

We know now that Jinger and Jer went for the public route, and from a preview of the upcoming season of Counting On, it looks like she got some advice from Jill on how to handle it.


Jill, who's had lots of practice kissing in the past couple of years, offered this advice: "Either he initiates or you initiate." Well, yes, someone is going to have to initiate! Although we kind of thought it would be a "meet in the middle" sort of situation after the pastor says, "You may kiss the bride."

Jessa, who has been closest to Jinger out of the other sisters, lamented Jinger's moving to Laredo, Texas, with her husband after the wedding -- especially considering that Jessa's pregnant with her second child.

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"I'm really, really excited for her, but I'm also sad she's going to be moving away," Jessa confessed. "She won't be around when the baby arrives."

We're sure that Jinger will miss her siblings too ... but something tells us she'll be distracted with all the kissing for a while.

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