Kim Kardashian's Robbery Might Have Been an Inside Job

kim kardashian
KCS Presse/Splash News

Plot twist! According to a new report, it looks like Kim Kardashian's robbery may have been an inside job. Not long after multiple arrests were made in Kardashian's robbery, French newspaper Le Monde is reporting that one of the suspects may have been the family's limo driver. Talk about terrifying.  


Seventeen people were recently arrested and one of them is the 27-year-old limo driver the family frequently uses during their trips to France. The Kardashians typically use a private, upscale limousine service when they're in Paris, and the driver they always use chauffeured Kim the night she was robbed -- so he knew her whereabouts. 

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The report also states that of the 17 suspects arrested, 14 are men and three are women. Evidently, the oldest suspect is a 72-year-old man named "Pierre B." Sources told E! News that Pierre was the supposed ringleader of the robbery. He was arrested after officers broke down the gate of his villa in the south of France.

After the robbery, Kim was reportedly -- and understandably -- very shaken up about what had happened. Sources said that she continually had flashbacks of being tied up and held up at gunpoint and was nervous about being alone. If her social media pages are to be believed, she seems to be doing much better these days. But hearing that her robbery might have been an inside job may set her back a bit. How could she go back to trusting anyone and everyone who works for her now?

Without a doubt, the Kardashians are taking serious precautions with who they hire these days, but still -- you never know. Hopefully, French authorities will crack Kim's case soon and charge everyone who was involved. But more importantly, hopefully Kim stays strong. We're rooting for you, baby girl. 

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