Meet Tyler -- Jim Bob & Michelle Duggar's 20th Child


He's part of the family! Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar just introduced their 20th child on social media, and it looks like he's already fitting in just fine with the large family.


The Duggars have been pretty low-key about the new addition to the family since adopting him last fall, but they recently featured him in a Facebook post all on his own. The 8-year-old is named Tyler, and he's the biological son of Michelle's niece Rachel Hutchins.

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The family took full guardianship of the tyke last fall, after Michelle's sister had a stroke and was no longer able to care for her grandson on a daily basis. Her daughter, Michelle's niece, has made some poor life choices that have resulted in her being homeless, unemployed, and on probation.

Tyler looks like he's doing just fine adjusting to life with so many other children around, and even got the privilege of polishing off the last of the milk!

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Although Jim Bob and Michelle chose to feature Ty on their Facebook page, they're still asking for privacy when it comes to revealing more details about the adoption. A blog run by family friends, The Duggar Family Blog, stated, "At this time, the Duggars are choosing not to reveal the details of the situation that resulted in them receiving guardianship of Tyler."

They continued on the site, "We encourage fans to respect the [Duggar family's] wishes, especially since there is a minor involved."

Even though we may never know all the details of how Tyler came to live with Jim Bob and Michelle, it's clear they have a lot of love for the little guy. We wish them nothing but happiness!

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