Suspects Have Been Arrested in Kim Kardashian's Paris Robbery Case

kim kardashian

Looks like justice may be served after all. According to a new report, multiple suspects have been arrested in connection with Kim Kardashian's Paris robbery in October. Evidently, French police have arrested 16 people with potential connection to the case. 


TMZ is reporting that the people were found in five different cities and were all brought to two different stations. The effort was a collaboration by authorities from different areas. 

Immediately following the robbery, it was reported that the two masked men who broke into Kim's luxury apartment in Paris made off with $10 million in jewelry and cash while three other men held up the night watchman. But after the insurance claim was filed, it was revealed that the group stole $5.6 million worth of jewels and money, including Kim's $4 million engagement ring.

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The suspects were recently arrested and apparently police have 96 hours to either release or charge them. Even though Kim was technically robbed by two people, authorities think that the heist is part of a much bigger conspiracy. 

The men who were arrested apparently are in their 50s and were known to police already. A few clues that lead to their arrest were a diamond cross pendant that was dropped on the street by them during their getaway and DNA traces in the apartment. Following the discoveries, detectives tapped the phones of suspects as well as tracked a meeting involving a member of the gang and potential buyers of Kim's jewels.

Hopefully, the suspects will be found -- and charged -- soon, giving Kim and her family some closure on the case. What she went through was traumatic and shouldn't happen to anyone else. 

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