15 Celebs Who Got Refreshingly Real About Their Diet & Exercise Routines

katehudson/InstagramWhen we see celebrities looking svelte and toned on the screen or the red carpet (or in perfectly choreographed Instagram posts), it can be hard to remember that these stars are, in fact, mere mortals like the rest of us -- and their "perfect" bodies (yes, we say that with pause because there clearly is no one perfect shape) are often the result of discipline and hard work and, yeah, painstaking diets. (Okay, occasionally really good genes are a part of it.) But that's why we love it when famous types stop the "I don't do anything" crap and get real about what they actually do to look a certain way.

From carb-free diets to endless hours spent in the gym, some of these accounts are balanced, while others sound extreme. Some are simply brief routines for a role; others are daily maintenance. But one thing's for sure: These A-list ladies are all honest (and sometimes seemingly exasperated) about how hard they have to work ... and, spoiler alert, almost all of their methods involve sweat. Like, a lot of sweat! 

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