Meghan Markle's Director Shares Why She's Perfect for Prince Harry

D. Long/ZUMA Press/Splash News

It seems like they're a perfect match! A director recently opened up about why Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's relationship just makes sense, given what he learned from the actress after working with her for an upcoming film.


Director Reg Traviss worked with the 35-year-old stunner on Anti-Social: Special Edition, and had nothing but good things to say about her and her compatibility with the young royal.

Traviss told People that the actress is a total professional, and someone who "hits their marks all the time, never fluffs a line and gets a script underway."

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"She's a very good actress -- very, very professional and really well-trained," he continued. "She can definitely lead a film -- be it in an independent film like I work in or a Hollywood film -- there's no two ways about that."

Although he worked with her in 2013-2014, long before she met Prince Harry, he said that his initial surprise at learning of the relationship soon vanished. He revealed to People, "I thought, that sort of makes sense. It struck me at the time that she is an actress but her passion is charity, that kind of stuff."

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Traviss also said that Markle would fit right into Harry's world, saying, "From what I can gather, she knows a lot of people in London."

Traviss also combated the rumor that the film was resurfaced and re-cut to hone in on Markle's current publicity as Prince Harry's girlfriend. He says that they've been working on it long before news broke that they were dating, and it would be virtually impossible to have done the work in that time. "I wouldn't be working in the film industry, I would be working at NASA," he joked to the mag.

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