Queen Elizabeth Was Almost Shot by One of Her Own Palace Guards

Butterworth/Splash News

And this is why you shouldn't sneak about at night -- even if you are the Queen of England. Apparently, Queen Elizabeth was almost shot by one of her palace guards, who believed her to be an intruder who had broken into the estate in the wee hours of the morning.


The Times of London reported this week that the queen was nearly shot during a late-night stroll around the palace grounds. It turns out that the long-reigning royal likes to take walks when she is plagued by insomnia ... and not all of the guards got the message.

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During one unspecified saunter at 3 a.m., a patrolman reportedly came across a "figure in the darkness," and got ready to take aim. Thankfully, he called out first to see if he could get a response from the mystery intruder, and got quite the surprise when Queen Elizabeth herself responded.

"Bloody hell, Your Majesty, I nearly shot you," the guard reportedly said upon recognizing the royal.

"That's quite all right," she responded. "Next time I'll ring through beforehand so you don't have to shoot me."

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Being the top royal in Britain certainly must have its perks, but we can't help but feel for the queen not even being able to combat her insomnia without raising a ruckus.

Prince Charles's mum has been under the weather lately with a cold, which has caused her to miss events like church services on Christmas and New Year's. Hopefully she'll be back in top form before too long, continuing to give her palace guards mini-heart attacks at 3 a.m. We kind of love her for it.

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