Kim Kardashian's Latest Family Pic Shows Where Her Priorities Lie

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Who is this woman and what has she done with Kim Kardashian? Since she reemerged into the social media spotlight, Kim K.'s Instagram and Snapchat have been very different than they once were. For one, all of her photos have been edited with a sort of blurry, old-timey filter, and two, her 'gram is all about her family right now. On Thursday, Kim posted yet another photo of her children, North and Saint, and instead of making it a family shot with her and Kanye as she did with her initial photo of 2016, it's just the little ones. And it's a good thing, because there's already too much gorgeousness in this photo.  


In the photo, North and Saint are playing around with each other on the floor like regular ol' kiddos. North seems to be protecting her little brother as he crawls around on a fluffy rug. Kim didn't write a caption for the precious photo, but instead added two heart emojis, a baby emoji, and a little girl emoji. Super cute.


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Kim definitely appears to be rebranding herself a bit, what with all of her artsy Instagrams. She also seems to have refocused her priorities. Save for a cute photo with her mom that she posted to Snapchat, Kim has yet to post a single (solo) selfie or sexy pic of herself. 

What happened to both Kim and Kanye is terrible, but the upside is that they got to spend more time together as a family -- without a doubt, their kids relished in every moment they had with Mom and Dad.

Just as she did with North, Kim kept Saint under wraps for a while after he was born, but she seems to be more comfortable posting photos of him now. And, from a selfish standpoint, that's a good thing. We all love sexy selfies of Kim, but come on, nothing is cuter than a chubby baby. Love.  

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