Prince Harry Has Met Meghan Markle's Dad -- We're on Ring-Watch

Phil Noble / Reuters / Splash

Could there be another royal wedding in the not-so-distant future? Things sound like they just got a lot more serious, as Prince Harry reportedly met Meghan Markle's dad. So, did her pop approve?


Despite rumors that Prince Harry wasn't interested in "meeting the parents," the Suits actress's brother has said the redhead has in fact met their father -- and things sound like they're going swimmingly.

"He first met Prince Harry about six months ago out in Toronto," Thomas Markle Jr. told the Daily Mail. "He goes once every couple of months -- [Meghan and Thomas Markle Sr.] are very close and they stay in close contact. He's pretty happy about Harry and he's extremely proud of [Markle]. They have an amazing relationship; they're very close and they always have been."

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Wow! Considering Markle has supposedly met Prince William, Princess Kate, and the kids, it sure sounds like things are moving in the right direction! 

The next thing the prince needs to do is meet Markle's mom and they'll have all the bases covered!  

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Let's hope that happens soon, because according to Markle's big bro, his sister is beyond smitten.

"They're extremely happy together, they look great together and she's done good," he said.

He's right! A gal could do a lot worse than a handsome 32-year-old prince. Guess we've (un)officially been put on ring watch!

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