Kim Kardashian Breaks into 2017 With an Unexpected Selfie

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Looks like she's officially back to playing the social media game. After taking a two-and-a-half-month hiatus from Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat, Kim Kardashian posted an incredibly sweet video and photo of her family earlier on this week. And now it seems it's back to business as usual for the mom of two. On Wednesday, Kim posted her "first selfie of 2017" to Snapchat. And just like that, all was right in the world again. 


In addition to it being Kim's first selfie of the new year, the photo marked Kim's return back to Snapchat, as well. Before posting the selfie -- which features Kris Jenner -- Kim posted a shot of super ripped jeans she had on, along with the caption "torn." Perhaps a double entendre?

Welcome back, Kim. 

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It's hard to tell what her new social media strategy is going to be in its entirety, but going off what we've seen so far, it seems like Kim may tone down the flashy and risqué aspects of her image. In the few shots Kim has posted thus far, she isn't showing off any expensive bling or flaunting her gorgeous body, as she used to so often do in the past. 

On Wednesday, sources told ET that, while Kim very much enjoyed her time off with her family, she's fully ready to get back to work. "It was time for Kim to get back on social media and back to work," a source said. "That is a huge part of her career. She has obligations to support her family and has an entire team working for her. It was time to get back to normal."

It will be interesting to see how Kim's social media image unfolds in the upcoming months. After everything she's been through, it's likely that her pages won't be quite as over the top as they once were, but the real question is: Can she make it through 2017 without posting a nude selfie?

Time will tell. 

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